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Geza is an enthusiastic web designer, programmer, and developer that specializes in business development and web solutions.


We offer a wide variety of services that suit big and small business projects.

Web Apps

We make customized web apps for your business that replace outdated in-house software allowing your business to grow.

Mobile Web Design

We design websites that look great on mobile devices. Android and iOS compatible designs make your visitors feel right at home.


Does your business need a secure online store? Want to integrate your inventory? Customized ecommerce options are available.

User Experience

Make your visitors feel at home with a clean user experience. We get creative with user interfaces! We make the internet fun!

Search Engine Optimization

We make search engine friendly websites that rank higher. Does your business have proper keywords? Find out!

System Administration

Server maintenance, security updates, and system administration for Linux, Microsoft Windows, and OSX servers.

We ♥ technology

We tackle business problems with intelligence. We use cutting-edge technology and design to bring your company to life on the web.

Quality in. Quality out. Quality service overall.

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Vancouver, Canada


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